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Industry 4.0?
Logistics 4.0!

Industry 4.0 is the permeating digitalization of production and distribution. The »intelligent factory« – this is the guiding principle, which is characterized by flexibility and efficiency of resources as well as the integration of customers and business partners into business and value-added processes.

Core of the concept is the complete permeation of processes, products and services with software/IT components and the linkage of these elements by internal and external networks. The connection of material and data flows is closely linked with the realization of decentral control approaches.



The implementation of Industry 4.0 leads to logistics aligned to this guiding principle – Logistics 4.0. It stands for the consistent use of the available technologies for the execution of intelligent and economic intralogistics processes.

psb intralogistics has been dealing with Logistics 4.0 and digitalization for many years already. We plan and implement our integrated intralogistics systems always with regard to this guiding principle. In many projects already, significant success has been achieved with these new technologies and approaches.

And what is the benefit for our customers?
More success in competition!