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Intralogistics for cold storage

In addition to the assets of all psb intralogistics systems, like e.g. high-performance warehousing and order picking processes, our solutions for cold storages meet all specific requirements in this sector.



This applies to both, the technology which is operated under extreme ambient conditions of up to -30° C, and the software which manages the warehouse and provides a number of special functions for the cold storage operation.


Customised warehousing and order picking concepts

For a high degree of energy efficiency, and thus the economic efficiency of cold storages, a very high storage density is essential. In addition, particular attention has to be paid to the uninterrupted cooling chain: All upstream and downstream processes like production and shipment are seamlessly integrated into the overall concept.




The careful handling of the goods plus short lead times are guaranteed. In an integrated concept it is possible to combine several different ranges of temperature.


Specialised warehouse management

It is not only the technical equipment which has to be fit for the cold storage environment. The proven psb selektron WMS includes special functions which support the efficient operation of the cold storages as well.

Among such features are: the strict observance of the date of minimum durability (sell-by-date) of the stored goods and integrated batch tracking. Besides an increased degree of transparency in the warehouse management, the WMS permanently optimises the storage strategy for the up-to-date stored goods.


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