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Different psb sorting systems and sorters are used, depending on the individual client’s task.

Pouch sorter
with fully automatic bag unloading


The major advantages of overhead conveyors in sorting goods can also be transferred to flat items such as shirts, shoes or other flat-packed goods.

The goods are put into a hanging pouch and are transported, buffered, sorted or sequenced in this bag. In the dispatch area the goods are removed from the pouch either manually or automatically and are then directed to the shipping process.

Sorting system – hls



This sorter has been specially designed for sorting hanging garments. In the basic configuration, the garments on coat hangers are distributed to single outlets. The solution can also be extended for multi-stage sorting with a high sorting degree.


Learn more about the sorting system hls in operation and how it is integrated into the respective overall intralogistics system installation in the following Best Practices:
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Micro-trolley sorting system – mtr

Micro-trolley sorting system – mtr


This automatic buffering and sorting system is suitable for small items and for garments on coat hangers.

With the psb micro-trolley sophisticated sorting tasks can be seamlessly integrated into integrated processes without the need to change the goods carrier. This also applies to more detailed sequence sorting. The micro-trolley is also used as a carrier in automated buffer Areas.