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DefShop was founded in 2006 and, with almost 250 employees, is now one of Europe’s largest online stores for streetwear as well as hip hop clothing. In addition to basics like hoodies, jeans and shirts, DefShop also offers hip accessories like caps, belts, bags, jewelry and sunglasses.

The assortment comprises over 22,500 items from about 350 brands, such like Adidas, Nike, Off-White Alpha Industries and many more.

At the DefShop site in Berlin Ludwigsfelde, in the south-west of the German capital and not far from the new BER airport, the articles at present are still stored in manually operated shelves and picked and packed manually. Currently, only the floor-level space in the existing building is well utilised, but not the available height of the hall.

In the course of the product range expansion and the integration of further partner companies, a large mezzanine system is established and additional racks for storage and order picking are installed. The centerpiece of the intralogistics extension will be a pouch sorter system, with the related packing stations, for consolidating and sorting the orders.

With this new concept, items will be picked in batches and fed into the psb system at the pouch loading stations. Single-item orders can then be routed directly to the packing stations, orders comprising several items are buffered in buffer cycles, and when all items for an order are available in the system, they are consolidated and directed in sequence to the packing stations.

The system is designed in such a way that further expansion stages can be realized to be equipped for future tasks and the expected growth.

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