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Simulation & emulation

Project security through validation of system planning

In intralogistics systems, it is not just the individual systems such as the warehouse or individual conveyor lines that have to meet high standards, e.g. in terms of performance or flexibility. The particular challenge in the implementation of intralogistics systems lies in the safe interaction of all individual trades in order to meet the required overall performance.

In order to ensure that the intralogistics system, designed specifically for a customer, fulfils the desired properties, psb uses an efficient simulation tool when planning the system. With the help of this, various scenarios as well as the dynamic behaviour of the planned intralogistics systems can be checked before implementation. This ensures that all intralogistics systems are optimally dimensioned and already fulfil some of the future requirements at the start of use that can only be expected in the future due to company growth or changes in the business model.

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Learn how to operate the intralogistics system before it is implemented

The intralogistics simulation leads to an emulation. We test the warehouse management and material flow functions under realistic framework conditions at a time when the final system is not yet available.

Another advantage: The “digital twin” of the intralogistics system makes the ramp-up phase easier for you, as the usage strategies for various application scenarios are already known and, if necessary, optimised. Our customers have the know-how to get the most out of their system even before the system is started.

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