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Simulation | Emulation

Tool for validating
psb intralogistics solutions


We have clear targets when we design intralogistics systems: Minimising throughput times, inventories and schedule variance, along with maximising capacity utilisation. The complexity of intralogistics systems and the continuous further development of our clients’ key figures demand that all circumstances have been considered ahead of the project implementation.

To meet this requirement, psb uses an efficient simulation tool in the planning phase. So, various scenarios and the dynamic behaviour of the designed intralogistics solution can be examined prior to actual implementation. This guarantees that the intralogistics systems are adequately dimensioned and already fulfil some of the future requirements at the start of use.

Simulation leads to emulation. In this phase, we test, under realistic framework conditions, the warehouse management and material flow functions at a point in time when the final system is not yet available.