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Overhead conveying

Overhead conveyor systems from psb

psb overhead conveyor systems deliver the optimum solution for every requirement. Whether it is a long, short or micro-trolley, whether driven or with gravity tracks, whether trolleyless or with trolleys, psb offers a broad system range with the most suitable solution for any task.

This extensive system kit is complemented by the manual or automated psb warehouse for hanging items.

Pouch sorter with fully automatic bag unloading

The major advantages of overhead conveyors in sorting goods is that it enables flat items such as shirts, shoes or other flat-packed goods to be transferred.

The goods are put into a hanging pouch and are transported, buffered, sorted or sequenced in this pouch. In the dispatch area the goods are removed from the pouch either manually or automatically and are then directed to the dispatch process.

Trolleyless transport systems

Our trolleyless system range with individually adaptable modules enables hanging goods to be transported, stored and sorted without using any load-carrying units at all. The benefits of this concept are the continuous transport and low-pressure accumulation of goods.

Trolley transport systems

psb Power & Free systems are based on a common platform strategy. Which trolley transport system is the one most suitable – a micro, short or long trolley – depends on, for example, the system capacity or the weight and dimensions of the goods to be transported.

In addition to solutions for single parts, psb also supplies trolley systems that handle several parts. The psb micro-trolley is recommended when the emphasis is on sequencing. Different system tasks can be integrated seamlessly into the overall sequences without the need to change the goods carrier.

Manual overhead conveyor system

For warehousing and material flow systems with a low level of automation, our GTT modular system for manual overhead conveyor systems is an ideal solution. The elements of the Gärtner transport technology are integrated in this modular system.

Manually pulled trolleys are a simple way to transport hanging items within a warehouse. Up to 20 coupled trolleys can be moved by one person. Various switch configurations for branching and consolidating the material flow are available in the modular system.

Height differences from one level to the other are covered by means of driven incline and decline conveyors or, where space is limited, by means of a driven spiral conveyor.

The GTT modular system offers an ideal organisational tool from receiving of goods to goods dispatch – and with low investment costs.

Electrical transport system – ets

The psb mono rail system for the medium weight range. The speed of the individual, electrically driven transport vehicles can be adjusted individually; therefore, the system is suitable both as a pure transport system and as an assembly system in flow production.

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