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psb’s conveyor and transport technology 

With an extensive modular system of floor-bound transport technology and driverless transport systems for different areas of activity, psb intralogistics has the right tools to solve your transport tasks. The overhead conveyor system family completes the portfolio with overhead components in transport technology. For detailed information, please see under the heading of ‘Hanging garments handling’.

Floor conveyor technology

The psb product line for unit load conveyors is an essential part of intralogistics material flow solutions. Roller, belt or chain conveyors, including efficient transfer elements, can be combined with each other to suit individual requirements. In addition, three-dimensional configuration can be implemented using vertical and diagonal conveyors.

The conveyor technology product line from psb is suitable for transporting individual parts, totes, cartons and pallets and is adapted to the weight and dimensions of the goods to be transported, as well as the desired system performance. Even demanding sorting tasks can be handled without any problems using sorting systems.

Conveyor technology for lightweight cartons, totes and trays

psb’s conveyor technology transports, lifts, accumulates or transfers lightweight load-carrying units such as cartons, totes or trays in different performance classes. Our system modules impress with their careful transport of goods. Depending on the individual project requirements, between a few hundred and several thousand load-carrying units are moved per hour.

Conveyor technology for heavy trays and cassettes

In the medium weight class, multi-track conveyors are used for transporting trays and cassettes. Frequency-controlled drives provide for both gentle transport and workplace safety.

Heavy-load conveyor technology

Heavy-load conveyor technology allows both horizontal and vertical transport of, for example, pallets and crates. Additional elements such as scales, shape controls or monitoring devices for pallet runners are used depending on the individual requirements.

Automated guided vehicles – AGV psb carobot

AGVs – Automated Guided Vehicles are flexible links between production and storage. The self-driving, battery-powered vehicles fulfil a wide range of transport tasks. The maximum configuration of the modular system is the integration into an overall concept with selektron host computers for flexible production interlinking and dynamic solutions for distribution tasks. The vehicles are controlled by laser navigation, so that no works have to be carried out on the floor.

psb has developed various carobot vehicle types for different load classes. Depending on the task at hand, these can be combined with a wide range of load-handling devices.

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