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The right automated warehousing system for every project

psb intralogistics offers a wide range of systems for automated warehousing solutions. This means that the right storage technology is available for every project. All automated warehousing systems are characterised by their modular design, up to 4-deep storage and innovative energy recovery systems.

In order to reliably transport and store the most varied load carrying devices, several versions and a number of different load handling devices are available. Depending on the requirements (storage height, capacity, performance, etc.), the automatic storage system suitable for our customers is put together from the »modular system« of tried-and-tested components.

Shuttle system – Multi Access Warehouse

The patented Multi Access Warehouse is number 1 in terms of performance and flexibility.

The innovative concept of the vario.sprinter shuttle is based on tote lifts that have been integrated into the warehouse aisles. This enables exceptional performance values ​​of up to 3,000 double cycles/hour per aisle, with simple scalability and increased redundancy at the same time.

Shuttle system – vario.sprinter

The psb shuttle system impresses with its high performance and scalability. It is ideal for small parts storage with high throughputs or for projects where the initial investment needs to be limited. The warehouse performance can easily be increased during operation by adding more shuttles. 

All proven pulling systems such as tray, tote and carton grippers or cassette pushers can be used as load-handling devices (LHDs). With its width-adjustable gripper arms, the vario.sprinter flex handles LHDs of different lengths and widths. This particular type of shuttle is combined with a racking concept with flexible storage location configuration.

Shuttle systems – compact warehouse microstore

The new compact warehouse from psb intralogistics is an automated warehousing system for limited budgets: »Lean« and yet powerful.

Limited neither in height nor in length, the microstore compact warehousing system is precisely tailored to the requirements of each customer project. An efficient automated solution can also be implemented in low-rise buildings. The storage system is suitable for a variety of uses, for example, as a tool storage or as a micro-fulfilment solution.

Hanging garments shuttle system – Dynamic Fashion Warehouse

With a performance increase of up to 700% and a storage density increased by 25%, the Dynamic Fashion Warehouse of psb hanging goods storage has been rethought. The automatic storage system optimally combines the shuttle system and hanging garment technology. With its outstanding system properties in terms of performance, storage density, scalability and flexibility, the patented concept sets new standards in automatic hanging goods storage.

psb pallet shuttle

The psb pallet shuttle is particularly suitable for being operated in multi-deep channel storage systems with high storage density. A pallet stacker crane transports the shuttle to the assigned channel. The shuttle then moves to the designated location and puts down the pallet.

The energy supply of the new pallet shuttle is provided by so-called supercapacitors. In addition to an economical system layout, this enables very flexible use, for example through the use of several shuttles per AS/RS stacker crane.

AS/RS stacker crane – sprinter

sprinter stacker cranes are available in single-mast and double-mast versions and are suitable for storing light-weight cartons, totes and trays. They are particularly suitable for a high number of storage and retrieval tasks in automated high-bay warehouses. Like the entire system range, sprinter stacker cranes are also available with an additional mast drive.

AS/RS stacker crane – runloader

The AS/RS stacker crane runloader from psb is optimised for heavy totes or cassettes with loads of up to 300 kg. In a special design, it can also be adapted for the hanging storage of clothing, bicycles, etc. The single-mast and double-mast units in aluminium design have very compact approach dimensions.

AS/RS stacker crane – maxloader

These types of AS/RS stacker cranes have dynamics characteristics that set standards in their class. maxloaders are perfect for crates and pallets with loads of up to 1,250 kg, and they enable double-deep storage of the load-carrying devices.

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