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Sustainability with green efficiency

Sustainability for intralogistics


For several years now, the subject of »green efficiency« – the intelligent and sustainable use of resources – has played an important role for psb. We think »green« in both the design and implementation of our intralogistics systems. We have already won many awards for this holistic/integral comprehensive approach to sustainability.

In the black thanks to green systems

The importance of energy-efficiency in intralogistics systems is increasing to the same extent that looking at pure procurement costs is being replaced by the concept of life-cycle costing. psb intralogistics offers a broad range of efficiency measures: From efficient system planning to requirements-based system control, to energy recovery.

A green light right from the design phase

We develop customised, sustainable approaches to solutions. This can include the concept of a modular system design, enabling conveyor elements and system components to be connected as required. Functions at the logic IT level, such as for combining orders into appropriate batches, can also be optimised in advance.

Constructive in matters of construction

In the implementation phase, we examine consistent and efficient task management by using special mechatronic components. In line with the motto »recovery instead of heat losses«, this permits energy recovery at the drives, for example. The use of effective high-efficiency motors (HEM) accordance with the IEC standard (e.g. in efficiency category EFF1) or lightweight mechanical components also enables efficiency to be significantly increased.