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Innovation and quality

Innovation – our company tradition

Innovation is the force that has been driving us and our clients for over 130 years. That is also the reason why we appreciate extraordinary tasks: Because they are the basis for unusually innovative intralogistics systems.

We are especially pleased when psb’s own innovations also turn into independently awarded solutions.

Award for medium-sized companies

Best product LogiMAT

TOP 100 innovators

VDI Innovation Award

What do our clients gain from this? Competitive advantages – from regional to global! Discover examples of successful psb innovations and find out why we take »CREATING YOUR INTRALOGISTICS.« literally.

High-performance order picking system rotapick

Multi-Source-Picking – Multi-Order-Picking – Multi-Target-Picking.

Picking rates of more than 1,000 picks/hour can be achieved per workstation.

Multi Access Warehouse

The patented Multi Access Warehouse from psb sets new standards in terms of performance and flexibility. Thanks to its tote lifts integrated in the storage aisles, exceptional performance values of up to 3,000 double cycles/hour are possible – with simple scalability and increased redundancy at the same time.

Dynamic Fashion Warehouse

The new solution for the automated storage of GOH combines shuttle system and hanging garment technology in an optimal way. The two outstanding features of this solution are an increase in performance of 700% and a storage density 25% higher compared to the previously known automated warehouses.

Fully automatic order picking system autopick

With this fully automatic solution for the picking of single items, unknown products can be gripped with vacuum cups from bulk material and placed into the target tote. A prior »teach-in« of the individual products is not necessary. The self-learning system also recognises which gripping strategy is best suited for the respective item.

The psb Technology Center – innovation center and touchstone for quality assurance

As the interface between construction and implementation, the Technology Center plays a central role at psb: Firstly, new developments are brought to market readiness there, and secondly, the core elements of constructively processed systems are put through their paces.

Quality? Client satisfaction! For the duration of the system’s life

The quality of our systems and services forms the basis for our sustainable intralogistics solutions and therefore for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our philosophy of »everything from a single supplier« stands not just for the competence of our comprehensive in-house implementation, but also for the responsibility that psb accepts regarding the delivery of intralogistics solutions – even after many years of system operation.

State-of-the-art testing methods and quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensure that our products always comply with the highest standards. In addition, our software is certified by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.

Validation of the system and organisational planning

For us, quality assurance begins in the design phase. With our simulation/emulation tool, we check in the earliest possible project phase how the system will behave during operation. Deviations from the intended function are recognised very early on and rectified before they are implemented.

System tests during commissioning

Ensuring the desired functions and services of the system is also very important in the seamlessly merging phases of system assembly and commissioning. With an extensive step-by-step test scenario, psb ensures that the system’s functions are validated in reality as early as possible.

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