New order picking system for Blokker

»How can we supply our growing online platform and our 400 stores efficiently?« This question Blokker asked itself before entering the planning phase of a new order picking system for the retail store operations. The solution was a rotapick system by psb!

Double challenge: retail store operations with growing online platform

Blokker has been turning the streets orange since 1896 and helps people with more and more possibilities for a clean, tidy and fun home. The range of products comprises almost everything for household and garden as well as electronics, toys and drugstore articles.

In addition to more than 400 stores, Blokker has a large online platform. The web shop offers a very wide range of products, both that are also available in the stores and a wider range through more than 300 external sellers.

New solutions for an optimized flow of goods

At six rotapick picking workstations, the articles will be picked directly from the source totes into order totes. The advantage of this system solution is that the items only need to be touched once for picking. Furthermore, there are no walkways, as the source totes are transported by conveyors directly to the picker. This way, as many orders as possible can be handled efficiently with as few staff as possible, and up to 180 shops can be processed at the same time.

In a downstream vario.sprinter shuttle warehouse, remaining quantities and C-items can be temporarily stored and transported back to the rotapick goods-to-person work stations when they are required.

Here again, Blokker relies on a system solution from psb. This warehouse concept is characterized by its modular expandability with outstanding performance and capacity, thus offering maximum flexibility for future growth.

The material flow, warehouse management and web-based dialogues at the workstations are controlled by the psb selektron software system.

Prepared for the future

With the revised workstations and the connected shuttle warehouse, Blokker consolidates its already strong position in retail. Thanks to workstation solutions by psb, goods will be picked more efficiently in the future, and with the psb shuttle warehouse the load on the existing facility will be reduced.

With this psb installation the warehouse of Blokker is ready for it’s current transformation from a retail warehouse into a logistics service provider distribution center.

The implemented psb control software efficiently manages both the storage and the six rotapick workstations.

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