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Innovations have a long tradition at psb. They are the force that has been driving us and our clients for 130 years. That is also the reason why we appreciate extraordinary tasks: Because they are the basis for unusually innovative intralogistics systems.

We are especially pleased when psb innovations also turn into excellent independently awarded solutions.



VDI Innovation Award



TOP 100 innovators
among German medium-sized companies



Best product LogiMAT



Großer Preis des Mittelstandes
(award for medium-sized companies)


What do our clients gain from this? Competitive advantages – regional and global!
Discover examples of successful psb innovations and find out why we take »CREATING YOUR INTRALOGISTICS.« literally.

Intralogistics integrated solution for e-commerce



A solution for intelligent returns management that has been awarded the VDI Innovation Award: Combination of a high-performance vario.sprinter shuttle warehouse and rotapick high-performance picking systems.

High-performance picking system rotapick


Multi-source picking – Multi-order picking – Multi target picking. Picking rates of more than 1,000 picks/h are possible per workstation.

Micro-trolley technology


Transporting, sorting, sequencing and buffering, without changing the goods carrier. High-performance handling of hanging goods in a system: individual items, in sets or any combination of.

Multi Access Warehouse


The patented Multi Access Warehouse by psb is setting standards in performance and flexibility. Basis of this innovative concept are the tote lifts, which are integrated into the storage aisles for the optimal utilization of the vario.sprinter shuttles. This enables extraordinary performance values with simple scalability and higher redundancy at the same time.

Dynamic Fashion Warehouse


The new solution for the automated storage of GOH combines shuttle system and hanging garment technology in an optimal way, thus significantly changing the market for hanging goods warehouses.

The two outstanding features of this solution are an increased performance by 700 percent and a storage density 25 percent higher compared to the previously known automated warehouses.