New logistics center for worldwide distribution
of premium writing instruments and accessories

Montblanc, international luxury brand, with operations in more than 70 countries, has been known for generations as a maker of handcrafted, sophisticated writing instruments. In the past few years, the product range has been expanded with watches, luxury leather goods and belts, jewelry, eyewear and perfumes.


Montblanc-Simplo GmbH 22525 Hamburg | Germany


Live storage with 1 sprinter and small parts warehouse with 9 sprinter AS/RS miniload cranes, 11 order picking stations, MHE for bins, 24 packing stations, 6 dispatch lanes, selektron MFC, SCADA Win CC, put-to-light and pick-by-light

Design criteria

In order to satisfy the ever growing logistics requirements, a new distribution center, with increased efficiency, was needed. The new facility, which is one of the most modern DCs of its kind in Europe, was brought to completion at a record time of only 12 months. In view of the exclusive, premium products of Montblanc, the order picking, conveyor and warehousing technology had to meet the highest quality requirements.

The solution

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Distribution of premium writing instruments and accessories

An automated small parts warehouse serves as central system between goods receiving, order picking, packing and dispatch. The material flow, between the individual areas, is fully automated. selektron MFC coordinates the material and stock transactions, controlled by SAP transport orders. At the receiving point, the data of the inbound goods are entered at four mobile receiving workstations. In addition to the small parts warehouse, with more than 45,000 storage locations, a live storage for »fast movers« is included, with more than 860 locations, operated by a sprinter AS/RS miniload system.

At each of the eight order picking stations for B and C items, five customer orders can be picked at a time. Completed picking orders are transported either to the packing areas for small consignments (16 workstations) or large consignments (8 workstations). Afterwards, the packages are supplied in the dispatch area on six sortation lanes, ready for shipment.