Schmidt Groupe


Buffer and sequencing system for enhanced production efficiency

With the brands »Cuisines Schmidt«, »Cuisinella« and »EMK«, SCHMIDT Groupe is one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in Europe. The ultramodern factory in Sélestat sets new standards in this industrial sector, with respect to production techniques and strategies.


67600 Sélestat | France


Conveyor system for trays and colis, small parts warehouse (7 automated crane aisles) with runloader AS/RS cranes, selektron MFC, selektron SCADA

Design criteria

In a factory (21,000 m² production space, calculated daily output: up to 300 kitchens), the furniture will be strictly produced according to order-time placement and delivery (»just-in-time principle«). An intralogistics system will provide the necessary flexibility in the dispatch area in order to enhance the efficiency of the innovative production systems.

The solution

In a tray-based warehouse (7 automated crane aisles), corpuses and purchased parts (»colis«), coming from the internal production lines, and from the receiving area (goods from outside), are buffered until all items in a list (route) are available. The colis (preferably in an upright position) are transported on wooden trays, without additional fixation. The trays are loaded and unloaded automatically. The extensive conveyor system (entirely frequency-controlled) is installed on a mezzanine platform, in order to keep clear space for other material flows. If a complete route has been released for loading, all colis, in the correct order, are transferred to one of five dispatch lifts, transporting the units to the dispatch gate on the lower level. At the dispatch gate, the colis are loaded in sequences into the waiting trucks.

The entire material flow is controlled by the psb selektron MFC software package – it is a multi-faceted systems management control tool, with analyzing options and control center functions, in interaction with the production control of SCHMIDT Groupe, route management, a selektron SCADA system for systems diagnostics, visualization and maintenance support, as well as the operational monitoring of the total system installation.