Logistics center for the distribution
of high-quality crystalware

Swarovski manufactures and sells, among others, crystal fashion (costume jewelry and accessories) and crystal home decor (home accessories, figurines and collectible treasures) which are distributed all around the world from their HQs situated in the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft
9495 Triesen | Liechtenstein


Miniload cranes, rotastore® buffer, pick-andplace robotic system, Pick-by-Light (order-picking system), extensive conveyor technology, WMS Warehouse Management System, software and controls of Material Flow and System Visualization


Design criteria

A logistics center was to be planned and built in order to be able to handle the considerably growing demands of production and distribution and variety of articles.
The existing conveying system had to be integrated. The aim was to reduce the processing times, reduce dispatch expenditure by minimizing the number of packages, and finally to replace, during operation, the existing software organization by SAP R/3.

The solution

After an intensive planning phase, which included the simulation of the entire material flow system, an ultramodern distribution center was implemented in several phases.

All processes had to be rearranged: goods-receiving, warehousing, buffering, order-picking, packing and dispatch. A wide range of approved and tested psb systems technology was applied: an automated small-parts warehouse for more than 100000 trays, and a psb dks (dynamic order-picking system – psb sprinter miniload cranes automatically supply and clear the order-picking channels) with Pick-by-Light live storage channels and location displays. The pick front faces are reorganized by the materials management system. The totes from the different order-picking areas are collected in a psb rotastore® (high-performance sorter/buffer with a throughput capacity of 600 storage and retrieval operations per hour) and conveyed to the packing area at the right time with the exact quantity.