Distribution center for high-quality pet foods

Vet-Concept GmbH, located near Trier/Germany, specializes in the production of balanced pet foods for dogs, cats and horses. An enhanced further development of the products is carried out in collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians. The product range also comprises of care products and dietary supplements.


Vet-Concept GmbH & Co. KG 54343 Föhren | Germany


Conveyor technology for lightweight cartons and transport bins (Pick-&-Pack), 1000 fl ow channels (pallets and boxes) equipped with Pick-by-Light systems, 12 order picking stations and 5 packing stations, selektron WMS, selektron MFC

Design criteria

In order to be able to meet the growing business demands more efficiently, the existing facilities have to be extended by a separate building, including semi-automated material flow operations. Additionally, a target-oriented supply management will organize the procurement of fresh products in the order picking areas.

The solution

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Distribution center for high-quality pet foods

A complete new conveyor system connects 12 order picking areas with the dispatch area, thus allowing a process organization according to a Pick-&-Pack principle. At the order start, the customer boxes are prepared and erected. Also at this point, the handling is supported by a bottom flap folder and an automatic gluing and labelling machine.

Utilizing advanced display units, the operators at the order picking stations get all information for the requested quantity of a specific article. The goods are gathered out of more than 1000 flow channels. These flow channels (pallets and boxes) are equipped with Pick-by-Light systems.

The cartons are then conveyed to the eight packing stations. After having passed the automatic top closure, strapping machine and the mailing label printer, the parcels reach the dispatch area, where they are sorted according to two forwarding distribution agents. In this way, up to 800 parcels can be handled in one hour.

Replenishment is organized by the psb control system for VNAs. psb manages all manual pallet locations with the selektron WMS; the material flow, from receiving to the customer parcel, is organized by selektron MFC.