Miele & Cie., Werk Bielefeld

Material flow and production logistics for the manufacturing of dishwashers

Miele today is one of the world leading producers of domestic appliances. »Better and better all the time«, the founders wrote on their first products already 100 years ago. This demand is still the basis of the Miele company philosophy, to produce the equipment with a high demand to quality and utility of use.


Miele & Cie. GmbH & Co.,
Werk Bielefeld
33611 Bielefeld | Germany


Floor conveyors as assembly and buffer system, ets electric monorail system, selektron software system, with WMS, MFC and PRC modules

Design criteria

At the plant in Bielefeld/Germany, the efficiency in the production of dishwashers had to be enhanced, by applying most modern production logistics and material flow technology.

The solution

Besides proven psb systems technology, the useful integration of Miele’s specific production philosophy into the total concept was decisive in the planning stage. The whole range of psb services was applied – from design to implementation. In the tub storage area, twin-track conveyors and roller conveyors are utilized as transport and buffer system. The supply of the tubs and/or completely assembled dishwashers, to and from the four assembly isles, is carried out by the psb ets system (electric monorail system) which is suspended from the ceiling. The electric monorail system as well as the assembly lines (twin-track and roller conveyors), including packing, were equipped, according to Miele’s specifications, with sophisticated production technology and ensure the daily production output. The psb selektron software system, with WMS (warehouse management), MFC (material flow) and PRC (production control) modules, organizes and controls the entire production process.