Central buffer warehouse for electronic
components for production supply

SEW-Eurodrive is a world leader in drive technology.

Design criteria

The central warehouse in Bruchsal/Germany had to be reorganized, in order to optimize the flow of materials, assembly and dispatch, by utilizing efficient, up-to-date warehousing and logistics technology.

The solution

Pallets and pallet cages in the goods-in are transferred manually, by forklift trucks, to four different goods-in lines. The empty bins from the warehouse are available at the I-points of the repacking stations. The full bins are transported to the automatic small parts warehouse.The small parts warehouse (four aisles) is the core of the psb system installation. The depth of the racking allows to store up to four bins (totes) in one location (i. e. 4-deep). Storage and retrieval is effected by automatic sprinter stacker cranes, with multiloader load handling devices. By the respective relocation processes, single access to each individual bin is possible. The workstations are connected with the small parts warehouse by psb bin conveyors, with the relevant feeding and distribution techniques. Independent of the automatic small parts warehouse, two lines are utilized for completing and packing the power and frequency inverters. In addition, goods on pallets are buffered in an automatic high bay warehouse (one aisle), operated by a maxloader AS/RS stacker crane. The psb selektron software system, with WMS (warehouse management), MFC (material flow) and PRC (production control) modules, organizes and controls the entire production process.