Large distribution center for hanging garments

Next Distribution LTD handle the logistics services for Next Retail. They carry out the whole supply logistics for approx. 340 stores and their mail order operation.


Next Distribution Ltd.
South Elmsall, NR Pontefract | UK


Overhead conveying system, 24 runloader stacker cranes with two handling devices, control system and selektron Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Design criteria

The objective was to find an economic solution for the on-time supply of the stores and the mail order operation, in order to keep the stock available for the picking warehouse in a way that it is possible to retrieve homogenous units at any time. The high storage volume required an unconventional concept, in order to keep the costs at a minimum.

The solution

The psb concept represents a unique combination of a high capacity overhead conveying system with a modified high bay storage and retrieval system. The garments on storage bars are located automatically in a purpose-built double-deep racking structure with 24 storage aisles. The overhead conveyor system, which provides the infrastructure around the distribution center, is operated semi-automatically.

The especially designed storage bars are a decisive interface: In the overhead conveyor system they are transported on standard trolleys. In the high bay warehouse they are retrieved from the trolleys by automatic runloader stacker cranes with 2 special handling devices and located in a double-deep stationary suspension racking structure. Compared with conventional storage systems, the applied system technology allows the DC to operate with a minimum number of operatives at comparatively low investment costs for the system components, the building and the building services.