Efficient order picking, warehousing,
distribution and supply of spare parts

Schrauben-Jäger is one of the most efficient suppliers of spare parts to industry and trade in southwest Germany. Special feature of the company’s distribution philosophy is the direct supply of the customers, out of an extensive stock of more than 55,000 articles.


Schrauben-Jäger AG
76189 Karlsruhe | Germany


Cassette warehouse with runloader AS/RS miniload cranes, roller and belt conveyors, pick-to-light order picking system, selektron WMS and MFC

Design criteria

In times of increasing businesses and ever growing customer requirements, a high delivery quality and service should also be guaranteed. After an intensive planning phase, Schrauben-Jäger decided to rebuild its logistics facilities, in order to meet the demands of flexible supply chain operation, economic warehousing and reliability.

The solution

The existing premises provided the ideal space for the installation of a cassette (tray) warehouse with 8 aisles and 26,000 locations, automatically operated by runloader AS/RS miniload cranes. The cassette (tray) design allows for the random storage of several articles in one cassette (independent of the number of the individual article). If in the small parts warehouse the number of articles falls below a defined minimum quantity, the materials management system automatically sends an order to the supply stock to provide the respective article at the I-point, for being stored into the small parts warehouse. Ergonomic order picking stations allow for efficient and convenient order processing, with very high picking rates. Warehouse and flow of materials are organized and controlled by the psb selektron WMS (warehouse management) and MFC (material flow) modules, based on the latest state-of-the-art IT technology.