Shuttle warehouse for e-commerce

EMP is a German merchandising enterprise located in Lingen. Retailing mainly through its own online store, the company sells recording media, fan articles, apparel and accessories related to rock and metal bands, gaming, movies and TV series. EMP is part of the New York-based Warner Music Group, one of the three largest music labels in the world.

As the company has been growing rapidly for years, its central logistics has had to be constantly expanded. According to the statement of EMP, the combination of large storage capacity, efficient order picking and independence from SKU profiling were the reasons for establishing a large, high-performance shuttle warehouse.

The extraordinary features of our patented »Multi Access Warehouse« convinced EMP to realise the project with psb. A 10-aisle shuttle warehouse will be implemented, with more than 180,000 storage locations and a capacity of 3,600 double cycles per hour. Internal lifts, arranged in two rows, will connect in total twelve multi-order picking stations.The current plans already take into account that the shuttle warehouse can be doubled in the next three to four years.