Multi Access Warehouse with four-deep storage

Mädler (Stuttgart) manufactures and sells a large number of toothing, gearing and drive technology products. In the course of major modernization measures in 2007, psb was awarded the contract to install a bin conveyor system. Until today, this system, which represents the core of the inhouse materials handling operations, is used for the connection of the receiving, warehousing, plattform and packaging areas.

In spring 2016, Mädler asked psb to replace the manually operated small parts warehouse. Due to the positive business trend, the capacity of the existing storage was not sufficient anymore. The result of a collaborative planning process with the customer was the integration of a one-aisle Multi Access Warehouse with vario.sprinter shuttles and laterally connected order picking stations.

With about 17,500 bin locations, the new storage is able to fulfill high performance requirements. On each of the 18 levels, a separate shuttle is operated, for the four-deep storage of bins of the dimensions 400 x 300 mm. Storage and retrieval of items in the Multi Access Warehouse is handled by the patented psb solution with bin lifts and conveyor tracks which are integrated into the warehouse block. Special feature of the system solution at Mädler is that two bins are automatically stacked above each other and then put into store as stack.

There are several reasons why Mädler chose psb as supplier also of the new intralogistics system. Besides the precise planning and the proven system installations, it was the customer’s very positive experience with our service and the maintenance team. The team »was always helpful and friendly« and any difficult situations were resolved »reliably and competently«.