Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance – Logistics 4.0 for our customers

Predictive maintenance of machines and system installations is an essential component of Logistics 4.0. Industry 4.0 comprises the comprehensive digitalization of industrial production. Logistics 4.0 is understood as the extension of this concept to logistics and intralogistics.

The main objective of predictive maintenance is a maintenance concept, which is adapted to the actual situation of the system components and which allows to reduce maintenance works to the actually necessary extent.

In comparison to earlier maintenance approaches, it is not only reacted when a fault has already occurred (reactive maintenance), with the associated high risk of longer downtimes. Predictive maintenance also avoids the premature replacement of still intact components (in accordance with rigid specifications) in order to prevent possible failures (preventive maintenance), this way reducing the costs for maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is a proactive maintenance of plants, assemblies and elements before downtimes or failures occur, with associated quality losses. The state of the monitored components is analyzed on the basis of cyclically recorded measurement data. A need for maintenance is only reported when the measured values deviate from the target state.

Prerequisite for this concept is the use of modern, networked components that provide information about their status, which is collected using IoT communication techniques and stored in a database. These data are then read out, analyzed and interpreted by higher-level logical systems.

psb is currently preparing the extension of its selektron intralogistics software by including the selektron PSM module (Predictive Service and Maintenance), which will be introduced step by step in the course of 2019.

selektron PSM is available in three versions:

selektron PSM be (basic edition)

In this version, defined raw system data are recorded and stored in a database which is accessible from outside. The customer can access these data with his own software tools, in order to evaluate the need for maintenance of the plant components.

selektron PSM ae (advanced edition)

This version builds on the basic edition. It additionally provides standardized evaluations of the monitored psb system components.

selektron PSM ee (enterprise edition)

This version contains extended, customer-specific evaluations and graphical representations of the interpreted data, in order to support the customer in planning his maintenance activities.