Technology Center

Technology Center: Core of psb quality assurance

The Technology Center at psb is a key interface between engineering and implementation. In this area, new developments are made ready for the market, and customer installations are intensively tested before delivery.

The benefit of practical testing becomes evident, if one takes into account the different and individual tasks and challenges each customer has to meet. This is why every system solution, developed by psb, is »made-to-measure«.

According to our company philosophy »designed and built by a single supplier«, we offer to our customers the whole range of services, from design to implementation and lifecycle services – for all system components: mechanical equipment, control technology and IT organization.

On the basis of this integrated approach, after the constructive design, the »core component« of each system installation is erected in our own Technology Center, where it is thoroughly tested. Only after positive test results, the complete system installation is manufactured and finally erected, by our own fitters, at the customer’s premises. In this way, very high quality standards are ensured, and a good economic efficiency of the installations can be achieved. Further benefits are a high degree of project reliability and shorter erection and commissioning times.

There are always such »core components« of customer solutions installed in our Technology Center. So, if you visit us in Pirmasens, you can witness it all personally.

Presently, we are testing parts of a large system installation for a leading Spanish fashion retailer.