Video Service with Augmented Reality

For many years already, psb intralogistics has provided its customers a reliable support with an own 24/7 service readiness: The operators of our systems can rely on receiving immediate support from one of our engineers in the event of a disturbance – whether day or night – so that the problem will be solved as quickly as possible.

»Live« at the side of our customers

Our service engineers use a tool that brings them even closer to our customers around the world. TeamViewer Assist AR. The app from a renowned provider enables the connection between the customer’s service crew and our service specialists via video call.

Once the secure connection has been established, a live video stream is created with the integrated camera, so that the psb service team can directly view the situation on site. By means of »Augmented Reality«, it is also possible to set markers in that livestream. Such markers remain at the assigned position, even if the end device is moved. This allows instructions to be visually highlighted and annotations to be inserted directly into the live video stream.

With this tool, the psb service team is able to eliminate disturbances even faster and more efficiently, or to provide support in the operation of the system: just as if the psb service engineers were »live« on site!

Easy, fast and secure

Our customers can use the TeamViewer Assist AR app with any standard mobile device with an Android or iOS operating system. The app can be loaded down easily and securely from the respective app store; it is not necessary to purchase any licenses nor to sign up for a service to use the app. Thus, this solution can be used right away, and our customers do not have to keep any additional expensive end devices available.