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Dynamic Fashion Warehouse with Garment On Hanger Shuttle

The new, patented dynamic fashion warehouse of psb equipped with the new Garment On Hanger Shuttle optimally combines shuttle system and hanging garment technology. With exceptional system characteristics regarding performance, storage density, scalability and flexibility, this innovative concept defines new standards in automatic hanging garment storage and offers completely new possibilities for use.



Compared with the storage of small parts, the concept achieves a much higher performance than a single stacker crane by using several Garment On Hanger Shuttles. In addition, psb increases the storage capacity through the fast handling of the goods carriers with the group of hanging goods in the warehouse as well as the use of several goods carrier lifts. The innovative solution achieves further performance optimization through separate storage and retrieval at different storage levels. This decoupling results in a simplified and clearly structured material flow to and from the warehouse with independent flows of goods.


Dynamic-Fashion-Warehouse with Garment-On-Hanger-Shuttle for automatic storage of garment-on-hanger


First system realisation at a customer’s site

psb already has acquired a long-term partner with a large number of fashion stores and e-commerce activities for the first realisation of the innovative dynamic fashion warehouse. This customer, very experienced in automatic handling and storage of hanging garments, was impressed by the new system solution and the associated usage scenarios. The currently planned three aisles with its Garment On Hanger Shuttles offer the same storage and retrieval capacities as the previous 9 aisles with stacker cranes and have a capacity of 1.2 million hanging garments.


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