Flexible linking of processes by Automated Guided Vehicle system AGV

Flexibility – scalability – adaptivity, these are significant criteria in order to ensure the successful operation of an intralogistics system installation in the long run. At psb, this is true for the AGV fleet and all other system modules.

Already since 2009, Vet-Concept, a mail-order supplier of high-quality pet food, has been relying on intralogistics by psb. Meanwhile, through the positive corporate development, a number of extensions have been implemented successfully.

The latest extension steps became necessary due to an increase in capacity, plus the addition of a new dispatch building. The order by Vet-Concept comprises the delivery and implementation of forklift AGVs for the flexible linking of two filling stations for feed bags, and downstream areas.

After filling, the feed bags are stacked up to 2 m high and, with a total weight of 500 kg, on euro pallets. The AGVs take the pallets at the end of the filling track and transport them to the company’s warehouse or the dispatch area. There, the pallets are automatically arranged in batches, in dispatch lines.

The forklift vehicles, chosen by psb out of its portfolio for AGV systems, were specifically adapted to the requirements of this project. Lift height, transport capacity and battery power were combined in a way that the battery capacity is sufficient for an entire working day. Thus, no »replacement« vehicles during charging and maintenance are needed; all vehicles can be permanently in operation. For the charging process, the battery remains in the vehicle, thus reducing the handling process, and keeping the costs for batteries (and battery chargers) at a minimum.

The AGVs are guided by a laser navigation system. A rotating laser head determines the location and the course. This technique requires no floor installations, thus being less expensive, and allowing for easy changes or extensions of future AGV routing.

AGVs have long been a useful addition of the conventional materials handling technology for the flexible linking of production and distribution processes. In the context of »Logistics 4.0«, which stands for flexible, intelligent and decentralized controlled systems, AGVs have gained in importance. So it is very advantageous that psb has a very long experience with such systems and their integration into complex intralogistics solutions.