psb with Logistics Solution for DB Schenker in the »Fast Lane«

As provider of logistics services, DB Schenker Logistics supplies the motor factory of a large car manufacturer »Just-In-Time« (JIT) with intralogistics from Pirmasens.
Already over 50 million engines have been built since the establishment of the factory.

The increasing complexity of structures in the automotive industry places the highest requirements on logistics. Objective of the project: DB Schenker Logistics wanted to operate an external logistics center directly on the factory premises of the car manufacturer. Furthermore, the plant supply processes should be optimized by new automated intralogistics systems.

The integrated system installation by psb, which was handed over to the customer in the year 2013, comprises two functional areas: The lines are supplied with GLT (large load containers) out of the functional area »high bay warehouse« (silo structure). This warehouse also serves as replenishment storage for the small parts warehouse. Furthermore, the empty GLTs coming back from the assembly lines are buffered there. In the high bay warehouse (nine aisles), in total 25,300 locations are available. The processes in the functional area »high bay warehouse« take place on the ground and first floors, which means that the pre-zone of the high bay extends over both floors.

The functional area »small parts warehouse« provides for the Just-In-Time (JIT) supply of the lines with small load containers (KLT). The processes of this functional area take place on the ground and first floors, too. In an automated small parts warehouse (five aisles; expandability to seven aisles provided), approx. 49,500 locations can be achieved, on the basis of the requested mix of containers. The most different kinds of small load containers (600×400 / 400×300 / 300×200 mm) can be stored, and this even double-stacked, if required. This allows for flexible and optimal storage utilization also in the future, on the basis of the actual mix of containers.

The small load containers are stored in the small parts warehouse, which ensures the provision according to demand of small load containers for the plant supply. For this purpose, the psb selektron software package includes a route management tool: The routes are created automatically; for this purpose, the points of use are combined in »milkruns«. Completed routes are manually launched by an operator at the control station.

The goods-in procedures, incl. goods-in check, are entirely mapped in the materials management system of the car manufacturer.

From the goods-in area, only large load containers and small load containers (full or empty), which are suitable for storage in the high bay warehouse, are transferred to the psb system.

Normal system performance:

  • high bay warehouse:     189 retrieval operations/h, 188 storage operations/h
  • small parts warehouse:  292 retrieval operations/h, 292 storage operations/h

 Peak performance:

  • high bay warehouse:      237 retrieval operations/h, 188 storage operations/h
  • small parts warehouse:  400 retrieval operations/h, 80 storage operations/h

The extension of the small parts warehouse by another two aisles, with additional stations for providing the routes, was an integral part of the system concept. This allows DB Schenker Logistics to adapt the storage capacity in the small parts warehouse and the picking performance in this logistics area at any time.