Deutsche Bahn workshops are modernized with psb warehousing systems

Deutsche Bahn [DB], long-time customer of psb intralogistics, has placed two orders at the same time. In the two DB heavy maintenance workshops in Fulda and Munich, automated warehousing technology by psb will be applied.

In Fulda, all mechanical, pneumatical and electropneumatical brake parts and other control units are remanufactured and tested. A modern intralogistics system became inevitable, in order to be prepared for the increasing future demands, and to improve the reliability and availability in the supply of spare parts.

In the automatic small parts warehouse (2 aisles) by psb intralogistics, the load handling devices are stored double-deep by two psb sprinter AS/RS shuttles. Six different types of totes of three different heights are generally handled with trays. With a fully-automated warehouse, plus a process-oriented material flow solution for the supply and retrieval of the storage totes, and finally modern order picking workstations, the economic efficiency of the in-house logistics processes are significally enhanced.

The psb selektron software manages the entire software functions for the control of the intralogistics processes under the SAP ERP system.

In the DB Munich central electronics workshop the repair volume of electrical components is continuously growing. In the course of extended business activities, psb intralogistics has implemented an automatic small parts warehouse with a tote racking system, plus conveyor technology with distribution, buffer and order picking areas on two levels.

In the new warehouse, mainly old parts, repaired components and spare parts are stored. In the design of the new installation, psb had to consider various factors: future extensions of the facility, optimization of the process organization, specific requirements with respect to storage, and the transport of electrical subassemblies.