Efficient zero-touch logistics: psb autopouch

In the dynamic world of intralogistics, where every detail makes the difference between efficiency and stagnation, psb intralogistics presents an innovation for efficient zero-touch solutions in warehousing: a pocket sorter with automatically unloading pocket autopouch.

psb pocket sorter: efficiency and precision in one system

Intralogistics is more than just transport from A to B. In intralogistics, precision and efficiency are decisive factors for the smooth flow of goods. This is where the psb pocket sorter with its innovative overhead conveyor technology comes into play.

The psb pocket sorter combines the advantages of overhead conveyor technology with the diverse possibilities of flat-packed goods handling for shoes, shirts, or other items. This enables exceptionally fast and efficient buffering and sequential sorting of individual items. By using pockets to store the items, a wide variety of goods can be stored and buffered in one storage system.

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psb autopouch – The future of pocket sorter technology

While unloading is carried out manually in conventional pocket sorter systems, the automatically opening and closing autopouch by psb requires no action by an operator. The autopouch is opened without stopping for automatic unloading. This can be done at almost any point in the system, allowing easy sorting into target containers or onto target conveyors.

A special feature of the psb system are the closing bars on the bottom edge of the transport pouches for precise opening and closing without the use of an additional closing station. This not only leads to a considerable increase in efficiency, but also to a significant reduction in effort and costs per unloading point. The only limits here are the dimensions and weights of the items to be sorted.

Versatile applications in the storage process

The new autopouch considerably extends the range of applications for the pocket sorter. It can be used not only as a picking sorter, possibly with returns buffering, but also as a dispatch sorter. The combination of both functions in one system can also be realised which achieves interesting synergy effects, such as the consistency of the system landscape and the reduction of costs.

Compared to all other piece goods sorters used in goods despatch, the autopouch pocket sorter has a significant advantage: the buffering option. After the pouches have been loaded, the goods can be sorted directly or buffered in designated lanes before sorting, e.g. until all items belonging to an order have been dispatched. If this is the case, the corresponding pouches are automatically removed from the buffer lanes and fed into the sorter loop. Each pocket can be opened above any conceivable destination, whereby any number of destinations can be lined up very close together.

The buffering option in order picking and dispatch preparation, for example, enables these tasks to be decoupled from the complex management of cut-off times in outgoing goods. This allows intralogistics processes to be further optimised and costs to be reduced.

Moving forward with future-proof intralogistics

The autopouch from psb intralogistics sets new standards in pouch sorter technology. With its versatility, efficiency and ability to integrate seamlessly into existing processes, the autopouch is a valuable tool for a wide range of intralogistics solutions.

The autopouch pocket sorter is a high-performance intralogistics system that is particularly interesting for industries with sorting, buffering and dispatch tasks, such as e-commerce or mail order. In addition to its specific advantages, the psb system is also a more cost-efficient solution compared to classic goods sorters.

If you would like to find out more about the autopouch system from psb intralogistics and how it can optimise your intralogistics processes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a message via our contact form and let’s shape the future of your intralogistics together. Take the first step towards more efficient intralogistics – with psb intralogistics and the brand new autopouch technology.

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