Intralogistics by psb supports growth in e-commerce

Fischer Wolle is a medium-sized mail order company for wool and threads plus a large range of accessories.

Presently, order picking and replenishment are carried out in manual operations. With the company’s positive business development, however, this distribution structure has now reached its performance limit. In the future, the automation of the in-house operations will allow for more efficient business processes and further expansion.

By the new automated small parts warehouse, the storage and order picking performance will be enhanced significantly. At the same time, the flow of materials will be optimized by means of conveyor technology which is adapted to the specific requirements. In order to be able to react flexibly to future business developments, the new concept already comprises, besides the implemented basic equipment, an extension installation. Through the automation, the supply capability, specifically during the Christmas holiday shopping season, is increased and the staff can be deployed more flexibly.

Core of the presently installed construction stage is the small parts warehousing system (2 aisles, 10,000 locations). 370 live storage channels are integrated in the facility, which are complemented by two order picking workstations. A flexible utilization of the installation and the optimization of costs is achieved by the psb system through the multi-functional design of an order picking workstation, which can also be utilized as goods-in station.

The existing manually operated pallets replenishment warehouse and the manual pick area, which is used to cover order peaks, are integrated in the psb selektron WMS/MFC software package as well.

All intralogistics functions are controlled by the psb selektron software suite, which is interfaced with the ERP system D&G VS/4. A batch tracking feature has been integrated in this project as well.