green efficiency

»green efficiency« at psb

For many years, »green efficiency«, the intelligent and sustainable use of resources, has been an important factor for psb. In the design of intralogistics systems, and their implementation, psb is thinking »green«. This sustainability approach, for which the company has already been awarded with several prizes, is reflected in our own premises too.

A commendable example for this is that, one year ago, we put into operation a new paint system and a combined heat and power plant (CHP). In one hand, the innovative paint system allows for a heat recovery ratio of up to 70% (by corresponding heat insulation). On the other, the economic and eco-friendly effect is achieved by the combination of both components: The wasted heat of the CHP, generating electrical energy for the entire production facility, is also used for the heat supply of the paint system. Thus the CHP can reach a degree of efficiency of up to 80%.

The heat will be additionally used for the heating of the offices in production and administration. Since its completion, the new hall for the future technology center is also supplied with CHP heat. Further savings will be reached by replacement of the former decentralized heat supply, additional building insulation measures, as well as, further means for a more efficient use of the electrical energy and heat.

The electricity, produced in the CHP, reduces the supply of external electricity delivery by further 30%. This measure will be complemented by our photovoltaic system, which covers, since 2012, a surface of 4.500 m² on the roof of our production facility. Up to 50% of the daily electricity needs of psb will be covered by this system.