Mayoral continues to expand with intralogistics by psb

Two years after the start of operation of the new Mayoral distribution center, psb intralogistics implements for the Spanish company, in a second construction phase, the extension of the storage capacity and an enhanced performance of the ultramodern shuttle warehouse.

The very positive business development of Mayoral, one of the leading companies for kids fashion in Europe, and the steady expansion of the e-commerce business have been the decisive factors for the early extention of the highly dynamic distribution center. With the high-performance logistics system provided by psb, now 9,200 sales points in 75 countries are supplied from one single distribution center in Spain.

The major components of the extended integrated intralogistcs system are a shuttle warehouse (18 aisles) with 96 vario.sprinter shuttles and 16 rotapick high performance order picking modules. In the warehouse, covering an area of 5,000 square meters and with a height of 20 meters, 190,000 cartons and totes, of sizes between 600 x 400 mm and 800 x 600 mm, are stored on 32 levels.

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In the warehouse, both, complete and opened article cartons are stored, and complete and already started order cartons are buffered. Three pre-zones, which are arranged above each other, allow for an uninterrupted and therefore extraordinarily efficient material flow between the warehouse and the order picking area.

At the dynamic rotapick systems, the operators pick far more than 1,000 items per hour. An outstanding feature of this system is that the items can be put directly from the source carton into the target carton, which means that each item is handled only once. Another clear benefit offered by the rotapick is that the items are picked in a predefined sequence, so that a time-consuming subsequent re-sorting at the points of sale is not necessary. At the order picking workstations, 60 source cartons and the same number of target cartons are buffered and made available for the operator in the requested order and sequence.

The psb selektron software, which is interfaced to Mayoral’s ERP system, organizes the control of the installation and the warehouse management, plus the control of the entire flow of materials.

Thanks to the powerful intralogistics installation, each day up to 1,600 orders can be processed and shipped. In both business seasons, summer and winter, 15,000 different articles have to be entirely exchanged due to seasonal reasons and requirements. Each year, Mayoral stores and ships in total 25 million items to 9,200 points of sale in 75 countries across the world. With the highly flexible psb intralogistics system, both, initial allocations with large quantities, and much smaller subsequent deliveries can be handled, with a high degree of economic efficiency.

Finally, the impressive integration into the new Mayoral corporate video expresses the degree of customer satisfaction with the new intralogistics system. And this fills us with pride.