Product development – Conveyor Technology 3000

psb intralogistics often takes specific requirements in a customer’s project as an opportunity for new developments and the extension of its own product and systems portfolio. This was also the case in the systems solution for api Computerhandels GmbH.

Due to the requested very high throughput rates and non-standard dimensions of the transportation units, psb has significantly improved all components of its materials handling technology.

In the two-aisle shuttle warehouse, implemented for api in a first extension step, there are three entry points for the conveyors. With more than 100 shuttles and 12 lifts, 2,500 transportation units are handled per aisle and hour, i.e. a total warehouse performance of 5,000 units per hour.

In total 6 rotapick high performance order picking systems are fed by two conveyor loops. In this project, totes with the special dimensions of 680 x 530 x 220 mm have to be transported. These special totes can be conveyed with an hourly performance of 2,900 transportation units in both loops. In addition to this, a modified version of the conveyor system for the mixed handling of the above described special totes and transportation units of 800 x 600 mm is operated.

This innovation, like every development at psb, underwent rigorous quality and performance tests before it has handed over to the customer for operation. All new components had been »put to the acid test« for several months in a large test installation, which was set up in the psb Technology Center.

In the next step, the newly developed conveyor technology will be adapted to the handling of standard totes with a dimension of 600 x 400 mm. With these totes, a throughput rate of more than 3,000 transportation units will be achieved.