Automated warehousing technology: Key to success for mid-size businesses also

psb is installing an automated tray warehouse for car i.t.a., a mid-size technology business. A new distribution center had to be built in order to be able to respond to the increasing business demands and develop new markets.

One of the business lines of the specialist for the development and production of composite technology of surface materials is the supply of the automotive and aircraft industry. Presently, 60 people are employed in the company. The customers of car i.t.a. pose very high demands to quality, flexibility, fast delivery and the adherence to deadlines.

The psb systems concept consists of a single-aisle automated tray warehouse, which is combined with an order picking isle with two workstations, according to the goods-to-man principle.

An automated compilation of orders and the extension of the storage performance and capacity allow for transparent stocks, plus an enhanced delivery reliability and speed. The improved quality of goods is another factor in favor of a distinct increase in efficiency and the fulfillment of the high customer requirements.

By automating its warehousing processes, car i.t.a. now belongs to the rising number of mid-size businesses who have realized that modern intralogistics bears tangible benefits not only for large concerns.