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Pallet shuttle

Pallet shuttle

New pallet shuttle by psb intralogistics

On the basis of its approved shuttle technology in small parts warehouses, psb intralogistics developed a pallet shuttle for channel storage systems: a maxloader AS/RS pallet stacker crane takes the loaded shuttle, which is then transported to the channel, or storage location respectively, assigned by the psb selektron WMS.

A distinct feature of channel storage systems is a very high degree of storage density, combined with large storage heights. Warehouses of that type, equipped with »multi-deep storage channels«, are particularly suitable for the storage of large quantities of one article (i.e. low number of SKUs) or slow-moving items.

The energy supply of the new pallet shuttles is provided by supercapacitors. Thus, there are no busbars inside the channels, or any complex cable systems connecting AS/RS cranes and shuttles. This allows for a more efficient system layout, simple scalability and a high degree of flexibility in the utilization of the system. Additionally, the system design offers a large number of different configurations. For example, it may be possible to operate several shuttles by one AS/RS stacker crane, which provides for the adaptation of the system performance to rising requirements.

The »new member« of the psb shuttle family can handle different types of pallets. These, or other types of large load carriers, are stored multideep in racks of up to 25 m in height. For the modular implementation of a well coordinated total system, the combination with all psb pallet system modules is possible, so, e.g., the psb pallet MHE system, or flow racks (live storage) for pallets.

The most recent project psb has realized with this newly developed system is a cold storage for bakery products, at WASGAU Produktions & Handels AG. With 90 WASGAU stores in southwest Germany, the company is one of only a few independent food and trade enterprises in Germany.

Special feature of the installation at WASGAU is that all system components are designed for cold temperatures of up to -28°C. The Euro pallets, with a load of max. 600 kg, are stored up to 5-deep in the fully automated cold storage with in total 1000 pallet locations.

With this advanced logistics intralogistics solution, WASGAU stores the freshly made dough for bread and rolls until they are distributed to the shops, where they are warmed and crisped up to give a freshly baked finish. Batch tracking and the strict observance of the date of minimum durability (sell-by-date) are major factors in the warehouse management. In 3-shift operation, 125000 bakery goods are stored, picked and delivered to the bakery shops each day.

Alliance SAP

Pallet shuttle

psb intraglogistics enters into a strategic alliance for SAP logistics solutions

psb extends its software competence in SAP applications for intralogistics solutions, in a commercial participation with the experienced software company HPC.

As a long-term SAP partner, HPC (founded in 1986; located in Mannheim and Hamburg) develops and realizes advanced SAP business solutions in the logistics and supply chain sector. The main focus is to apply on intralogistics (warehouse, production and service) mobile applications, SAP rollout templates and SAP® ERP as well as full SAP implementations. HPC is a certified SAP PartnerEdge Sell and Service Partner and Partner Center of Expertise (PcoE).

Within psb intralogistics, tailored intralogistics solutions, for any requirements, are not exclusively based on the broad range of systems. The corporate single supplier philosophy illustrates psb’s integrated approach in the design and implementation of customer projects. Everything is supplied from a single source – this includes a complete range of system modules: mechanical components, control technology, and IT organization. Plus, in the future, the implementation of SAP logistics solutions.

With this strategic alliance, both intralogistics experts extend their solutions portfolio and offer their customers extensive support in selecting the right WMS.

Gerry Weber

Pallet shuttle

German fashion retailer relies on psb technology in its new logistics center

psb intralogistics installs for the fashion and lifestyle company GERRY WEBER an automated 16-aisle high bay warehouse for hanging garments, with a capacity of approx. 2 million items.

The fashion and lifestyle company GERRY WEBER International AG operates on a global scale in more than 60 countries, with nearly 1,000 company-managed stores and sales spaces, more than 2,800 shop-in-shops and 281 franchise stores plus brand online-shops in nine countries.

The German fashion group builts, in Halle/Westphalia, a new replenishment and order picking warehouse for hanging garments (dimensions: 93 m long, 25 m high). Core of the system is an automated high bay warehouse for hanging garments, with a capacity of 80,000 storage bars, or approx. 2 million garments (double-deep storage). Inbound and outbound operations in the 16-aisle racking system will be carried out by psb runloader AS/RS stacker cranes, each unit equipped with two load handling devices.

In the design of complex intralogistics systems, psb focuses on a flexible utilization for varying requirements. In the GERRY WEBER project, psb developed a systems concept for the flexible occupation of the available storage space, thus allowing for the very dense storage of items of different lengths. Instead of establishing locations with three different heights, the concept allows to store very long garments by utilizing the height of two rack locations. Using this approach a waste of space is prevented. And finally, the different storage depth of the items represents another challenge in realizing the optimal storage strategy.

The warehouse is used for both, the supply of the stores upon the change in collection, and the replenishment of stores to replace sold articles. The hanging garments to be sold online will also be stored in the automated high bay installation.

The reason GERRY WEBER decided on implementing the project with psb, the world market leader for the AS/RS handling of hanging items, was the company’s long experience and the mature, proven technological solution. The system installation by psb stands out for the optimum use of space, the variable use of available height of the rack locations and low energy consumption achieved by conceptional and constructive precision work, in combination with the proven energy recovery technology.

In the warehouse management processes, GERRY WEBER relies on psb’s expertise too: the selektron WCS/MFC warehouse control computer provides for a balanced distribution of goods within the warehouse, taking into account an equal utilization of the system components for both inbound and outbound processes. Moreover, additional functions are supplied, which allow to reorganize the warehouse, thus increasing the performance of the high bay storage facility.

With selektron MIS detailed information can be generated in order to evaluate the performance and availability of the system. The control scheme further includes the selektron SCADA solution for a detailed visualization of the entire system installation and subsystems.


Pallet shuttle

psb again among the »Top-Innovators« in Germany

For the fourth time already, psb with headquarters in Pirmasens/Germany has been honored with the coveted award »Top-Innovator«, thus being one of the most innovative companies among German medium-sized businesses. The rating was carried out on the basis of a demanding, scientific selection process, assessing, among others, the innovations management and innovations success.

psb intralogistics convinced the jury with its yet unrivalled modular solution for high performance order picking processes. »This system takes a leading position in the relevant market segment, with regard to performance, economic efficiency and flexibility – an absolutely unique selling feature«, explains Managing Director Werner Klein. psb customers are able to keep their promise of short-term delivery, hence providing them with a competitive advantage.

The board of jurors, chaired by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of Vienna University of Economics and Business, was equally impressed by psb’s high degree of customer proximity. »Highly specific tasks of new customers, and particular optimization requests from existing customers, give us valuable impulses«, Werner Klein points out.

Innovation success, this was another aspect with which the company scored: both, nationally and internationally, psb belongs to the lead group in its market sector, and in fact being the global market leader in fully-automated high bay warehouses for hanging garments. More than half of the annual company turnover is achieved with new products and innovative improvements, launched in the market ahead of the competition.


Pallet shuttle

psb technology for MANGO fashion

psb intralogistics is in the process of implementing one of the biggest and most modern intralogistics systems in Europe, for the storage and order picking of hanging garments, for the well-known, worldwide acting Spanish fashion company MANGO.

MANGO is investing in its warehousing & logistics, near Barcelona, in order to provide more than one million garments per day. This storage also plays an important role in the online business of the Spanish company.

After an intensive planning phase, MANGO decided for the logistics concept designed by psb. The global market leader for hanging goods stacker cranes, located in Pirmasens, convinced Mango with its comprehensive system competence, which allows an integrated solution approach: from the overhead conveyor technology via the storage to sortation / sequencing.

The storage will consist of 25 m high stacker cranes (type psb runloader ) in a high bay storage, with the capacity of 8 million items. The order picking will be achieved via the psb micro trolley system mtr by means of an intelligent material flow, in the exact sequence to the packing stations. Trolleyless overhead conveyor systems – operated by the psb material flow control software selektron – connect all logistics areas from the goods-in, via storage and sortation to the packing stations and dispatch.

In the future, at this new location, garments hanging on coat-hangers will be mostly stored and picked in a fully automated system. The new efficient system, which is planned to be commissioned by early in 2016, represents an important component of the expansion policy of MANGO. The challenging objective is to deliver each store individually.


Pallet shuttle

With HYDAC back in the Far East

The HYDAC group has placed the third order with psb intralogistics for the installation of an automated warehousing system; it is already the second installation for the group’s factories in China. This reflects the high value psb places not only on the effectiveness of its intralogistics system solutions, but on long-term customer relationship also.

HYDAC is an internationally renowned expert for all projects requiring fluid technology
in connection with hydraulics, electronics and engineering. The company needs to
establish a new production facility in Shanghai.

psb intralogistics has been asked to design and implement for this factory an automated
pallet warehouse. The warehouse (92 m long, 17 m high) has 4,000 locations for pallets
and pallet cages.

The production facility, where the warehouse will be installed, has two levels. Therefore,
there will be requirement for access to the warehouse on both levels; the design of four
order picking workstations will be established on both levels as well. At the two picking
stations on the ground floor, the receipt of stocks and the retrieval of the items for
dispatch will be handled. On the first floor of the building, two picking stations will be
utilized for the production supply and storage of the finished products.

Under the SAP ERP system, used by HYDAC, the proven WMS/MFC software suite
ensures a trouble-free operation of the intralogistics system installation. Six
warehousing systems with lifts, a long goods storage and twelve other area storage
systems are also integrated in the overall layout.