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Order picking systems for every task

psb’s order picking systems impress with their economic efficiency and ergonomics. Different systems are available to suit the respective task: from manual order picking carts to fully automated high-performance workstations. We adapt the respective order picking facilities and systems individually to the requirements of your project.

Automatic order picking system autopick

The fully automated solution for single-item picking can pick up a wide variety of bulk goods with vacuum cups and place them gently in the target tote. Previous teach-in of the individual products is not necessary.

psb pouch sorter

With its exceptional system properties, the pouch sorter is the perfect picking solution, because it does not place any requirements on the upstream storage systems with regard to the retrieval sequences. This is an advantage for both manual and automated warehouses. By simply integrating this picking system into the overall system, costs can be significantly reduced and the performance increased.

High-performance order picking system rotapick

Multi-source picking – Multi-order picking – Multi-target picking

Depending on the expansion stage, the modular psb high-performance system is able to buffer over 50 source or order totes at the picking station and, if necessary, make them available for picking within seconds. This eliminates uneconomical multiple transport from the warehouse to the picking station, which in turn significantly reduces order processing times. Another advantage is the order-based sequencing of goods.

With the rotapick, picking rates of more than 1,000 picks/hour can be achieved per workstation.

Flow rack – static or dynamic

At order picking workstations on the flow rack, product totes are permanently available for order picking in flow channels. By means of »pick by light« displays, the quantity to be taken from an article tote and added to the order tote is indicated to the employee.

In static flow channels, always the same article is provided, whereas in dynamic channels, product totes are exchanged by an AS/RS stacker crane. Order picking with flow channels can be applied for all load-handling devices, from cartons to pallets.

Multi-order picking station

The use of multi-order picking stations is useful if the majority of the orders contain identical parts or to relieve sequence-specific outsourcing.

Several order totes are available to the employee at the same time. The »put to light« display indicates to the employee in which order tote the respective picked quantity of goods is to be placed.

»One-to-one« picking

At the picking workstation »goods to person with one-to-one picking« just one order tote is available to the employee.

Product totes are made available from the warehouse in the correct sequence via conveyor technology. When the order is completed, the order tote is sent for dispatch and the next order begins.

Manually operated order picking carts

Picking with manually operated picking carts in warehouse aisles is recommended, for example, for a large number of »A« items or for bulky goods.

Depending on the solution, different aids such as »pick by voice« or »put to light« are used.

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