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Order picking systems

psb order picking systems are distinguished by their economic efficiency and positive ergonomic properties. Various systems are available for the particular tasks: From manual picking trolleys to fully-automated high-performance workstations.

We can individually adapt the respective picking systems to suit the needs of any client project.

High-performance order picking system – rotapick



Multi-source-picking – Multi-order picking – Multi-target picking

Depending on the configuration level, the modular psb high-performance system is able to buffer over 50 source or order totes at the picking station and, if necessary, make them available for picking within a matter of seconds.

This eliminates uneconomic repeated transports from the warehouse to the picking station. The result is significantly reduced order lead times. Another advantage is the sequencing of the items in line with the order.

Picking capacities of over 1,000 picks/h can be achieved at each workstation.


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Static or dynamic flow racks

Durchlaufregal statisch oder dynamisch


At picking stations on the rack, the article totes are permanently ready for picking in flow channels. Pick-by-light indicators show the operator the quantity of items to be taken from which article tote and to be sent to the order tote.

In static flow channels, always the same item is made available, whereas in dynamic channels the item totes are swapped by an AS/RS stacker crane. Picking with flow channels can be applied for all load carrying devices: from boxes to pallets.


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Picking workstation
»Goods to person with multi-order picking station«



The use of multi-order picking stations is appropriate if most of the orders contain the same items, or in order to take the pressure from exact-sequence retrieval.

Several order totes are available to the worker at the same time. A put-to-light display indicates to the worker the order tote into which the picked quantity of goods is to be placed.


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Picking workstation
»Goods to person with 1:1 picking«



Exactly one order tote is available to the worker at the “goods to person with 1:1 picking” picking station.

The article totes are made available from the warehouse in the requested sequence by way of conveyor technology. When the order has been completed, the order tote is sent to the dispatch area and the next order is started.


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Manually operated picking trolleys

Manuell bediente Kommissionierwagen


Picking via manually operated picking trolleys in warehouse aisles is recommended, for example, if there is a large number of A-items or for bulky goods.

Different tools such as pick-by-voice or put-to-light are used depending on the solution to be implemented.


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