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Automated warehousing systems

psb supplies an extensive system range of automated warehousing solutions. This allows for the most suitable storage technology to be implemented in each individual project. All storage technologies feature a modular design, storage up to four deep and innovative energy recovery systems.

Several versions and a series of different load-handling equipment is available for reliably transporting and storing many different types of load-carrying devices. Depending on the requirements (storage height, storage capacity, performance, etc.), the most appropriate automated storage system is designed from the »kit« of tried-and-tested components.

AS/RS stacker crane – sprinter

Automatisierte Lagersysteme


sprinter stacker cranes are available in single-mast and double-mast versions and are suitable for storing light cartons, totes and trays. They are particularly suitable for a high number of storage and retrieval tasks in automated high-bay warehouses. Like the entire system range, sprinter stacker cranes are also available with an additional mast drive.

AS/RS stacker crane – runloader

Regalbediengerät – runloader


For heavy totes or cassettes with loads of up to 300 kg, in a special design also for the hanging storage of clothing, bicycles etc. The single-mast and double-mast units in aluminium design have very compact approach dimensions.

AS/RS stacker crane – maxloader

Regalbediengerät – maxloader


For crates and pallets with loads of up to 1,250 kg. The dynamic performance of these stacker cranes is setting  standards in their class and allows a double-deep storage of the transport units.

Shuttle system – vario.sprinter

Shuttlesystem – vario.sprinter


The psb shuttle system stands out for its high performance, great flexibility and optimum scalability. All proven pulling systems such as tray, tote and carton grippers or cassette pushers can be used as load-handling devices.

The storage capacity can be increased even during operation, just by adding further shuttles. The psb vario.sprinter is the optimum alternative for warehouses with very high throughput rates or for projects in which the initial investment shall be limited.

Pallet shuttle


The psb pallet shuttle is particularly suitable for being operated in multi-deep channel storage systems with a very high degree of storage density. An AS/RS pallet stacker crane transports the shuttle to the assigned channel. The shuttle then moves to the designated location and puts down the pallet.

The energy supply of the new pallet shuttle is provided by supercapacitors. This allows for a more efficient system layout and a high degree of flexibility. So, for instance, it is possible to use several shuttles with one AS/RS stacker crane. This system solution is also available for cold storages with temperatures of up to -28°C.

Carousel storage – rotastore

Karusselllager – rotastore


Special feature: High storage and retrieval capacities, up to 10 times higher than with conventional systems.